About Us

Our school is run by a parent executive that works co-operatively with the teachers. We are a co-operative school because we believe that this important preschool program should be accessible to all regardless of income.  As a non-profit organization we reinvest all of the funds raised back into the school keeping tuition low.

Our Philosophy


The Wiarton and District Co-operative Nursery School aims to provide a positive learning environment for children, by enhancing your child's level of development. Through play experiences and with the guidance of specially trained staff, your child will be exposed to situations that will stimulate and teach:


  • Self-esteem and decision making capabilities

  • Curiosity, initiative and independence

  • An enjoyment of interaction with peers and respect for others

  • Physical activity developing gross motor skills

  • Fine motor development



"I am so grateful for the opportunity to enroll both my boys into the Wiarton & District Co-op Nursery School to help prepare for Kindergarten! The school offered an engaging structured environment for learning, hot lunches, an outdoor play area and the most wonderful, caring teachers! The best part was being able to start them at 18 months old. The boys ALWAYS loved to attend nursery school! It taught them how to pay attention, focus, be independent and helped build social skills. By the time they set off to JK, I had confidence and satisfaction in all they had achieved over the years at WDCNS."


Sandy S.

Oliphant, ON


"We are so lucky to have access to such an amazingnursery school in a small town.  The Wiarton Nursery School fully prepared all three of my children for their transition into kindergarten.  I highly recommend this school to any family with small kids."


Amy & Mike

Oxenden, ON


Our History

In 1978, a group of Wiarton parents ran an advertisement in the local newspaper to field interest in starting either a nursery school or daycare centre in town. At the time, neither type of facility existed in the area. Feedback indicated overwhelming support for the establishment of a nursery school. Wiarton area merchants donated equipment for the school and money was obtained through fundraising.

The school officially opened in September 1978, at the Propeller Club, with an enrollment of 20 children aged 3 and 4 years old. Four sessions a week were offered.

The first teacher was Peg Wheeler and the first Board of Directors consisted of Diane Lobbin, Susan McCallum, Carol Grieg, Deborah Gilbert, Sheila Barker and Sharon Ottewell. The school was fully co-operative in the sense that the parents volunteered in the classroom as well as serving on the executive and committees.


The nursery school was incorporated in March 22, 1979 and in 1995 achieved charitable status.

In the early 1980's, the school moved to St. Peter's Lutheran Church. The school in now located in Gateway Haven Long Term Care Facility.


The nursery school has long enjoyed an excellent reputation in the community and strives to provide a positive learning environment at each child's individual level of development.  The school currently employs a supervisor and an assistant teacher. Parents no longer serve as volunteers in the classroom.  Instead parents volunteer at events and on the executive board.